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Meet Danielle Skillings. Danielle is 27 years old and lives in Utah. Danielle is an interior designer. She enjoys traveling, reading, and making short films with her husband Colin. I met Danielle in design school. I remember when I first saw her. She fluttered into the classroom with ballet slippers on her feet, carrying the most whimsical bag. What I found most enamoring about Danielle upon meeting her, was not her apparent beauty, but her kindness towards others. I remember the way she would talk to people, as if they were the only person in the room. Her eyes were always fixed, and her attention nowhere else. She talked to you like you were carrying the most important information. Here are a few words about what makes her happy…

So hi. I’m Danielle.

I’m going to tell you a teensy bit about me. When I was in high school I was sooooo carefree, loving, heart driven, passionate, and incredibly confident. Oh sweet little Danielle. Now don’t get me wrong, I still feel like I am that person, but I feel like I’m more susceptible to being self conscious, shy, insignificant, anxious, unsure about everything, etc.

A couple months ago, I got into one of those funks. I was just… not loving life. I was having to make big girl decisions, and do big girl stuff; and I realized that I had come so far away from who that young teenage Danielle used to be. I forgot that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I forgot that my heart is really the smartest thing about me. I have now tried to be more heart driven, more carefree, and more loving to everyone and everything that comes my way. I am becoming the old Danielle and the new Danielle. I really like her.

And that is what makes me happy. Being me. Not anyone else. Doing what my heart says is good for me!

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