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Meet Marion Chase-Seymour. Marion is 57 years old and lives in Taupo, New Zealand. Marion is happily married to her husband Steve, and together they raise their seven children. I first met Marion through her sister Marlene. Marlene was my young women president growing up, who I became quite close to. I was fortunate enough to join Marlene on one of her trips home to New Zealand, where I met Marion. Marion is a fiesty woman with a big heart and passion for life. One of my favorite things about Marion is how alive she is. She is full of optimism and good cheer, and it’s evident in everything she is involved in. Here is what Marion has to say about happiness…

I am happy when I’m in nature or a natural setting. I was raised on Lake Taupo by very outdoorsy parents. My dad was a Bushman and my mum was born and raised in a Maori marae (village) in the bushlands of Te Urewera. I love the smell and sounds of nature, the beautiful lush greens and array of plant life, animals and birds. I am happiest when I am living near water, so my husband and I most times have managed to live by water – be it fresh water or the Pacific Ocean.

My best moments of happiness come from attending the temple. I’m a Mormon, and we attend the temple. It is the most special place for me. It’s an extension of my own home – but miles better and way different in that it’s peaceful ALL the time. And yet it’s the same as our home, because it’s a place of solace for me.

Happiness in my everyday setting sometimes looks a lot like burned potatoes, schedules that are missed, kids that have selective hearing, bones that creak and hurt, date nights that really weren’t date nights because we end up taking a child with us, and more month at the end of the paycheck.

The perfectly happy days are like hens teeth, but they are there. I don’t think there’s really much more you can do to be happy than to serve others. Whether it’s your family (most days it is) or friends, neighbors, a stranger – it always brings you happiness. I think half the battle is won when you realize just how much ‘service’ actually goes on during a day. As a mother, I’ve learned to recognize and appreciate service in the smallest acts of kindness as both the giver and the receiver. It makes for a happy disposition and a happy life.

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