Real Women Real Happy


Hello there! I wanted to introduce a new project I’m working on called Real Women Real Happy. This project is meant to share women’s stories about how they intentionally create happiness in their lives. In my recent experience with depression and anxiety, I forgot what happiness was. What it felt like, what it looked like. I found myself out of touch with what actually got me excited about life. In my attempt to find happiness, I asked my friends and other women around me what made them happy. Their stories and advice helped revive my happy heart. I realized that happiness takes effort, it’s not just something you find or happen upon. It’s something you create. As I began to create happiness, rather than look for it, I started to feel like myself again. Their words were so beneficial to me that I wanted to create a space where they could be heard. That’s what Real Women Real Happy is all about, sharing and spreading happiness. Featuring real women seeking real happiness. This project is here is encourage sisterhood among us and cultivate a sense of community. I’m excited for you to follow along and read the little treasures these women have to offer.

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